Suo Yang, Fleshy Stem of Cynomorium 锁阳
Herbal Actions:
  • Tonify kidney yang - impotence, frequent urination, spermatorrhea.
  • Nourish blood, tonify essence, strengthen sinews - motor impairment, paralysis from blood and jing deficiency.
  • Moisten instestines - constipation due to qi and/or blood deficiency.
Yin Yang Huo 淫羊藿, Xian Ling Pi 仙灵脾, Epimedium
Herbal Actions:
  • Tonify kidney yang - impotence, spermatorrhea, frequent urination, poor memory, painful and cold lower back and knees.
  • Expel wind-damp, cold - spasms, cramps, joint pain, numbness in limbs.
  • Strengthen yin and yang, harnesses liver yang rising - dizziness, low back pain, irregular menses from liver and kidneys and subsequent liver yang rising.
Shan Zha 山楂 Hawthorn Fruit
Herbal Actions:
  • Reduces and moves food stagnation outward - accumulation of meat and/or greasy foods with distention, pain, diarrhea.
  • Transforms blood stasis, dissipates clumps - post-partum abdominal pain, hernial disorder.
  • Stops diarrhea (when partially charred).
  • Hypertension.
                 Da Zao 大枣Chinese Date, Jujube
Herbal Actions:
  • Tonifies spleen qi - weakness, shortness of breath, reduced appetite, loose stools.
  • Nourishes the blood, calms the spirit - irritability, pale complexion, emotional disturbances, restlessness.
  • Useful to harmonize the harsh properties of other herbs.
Qing Hao 青蒿Wormwood
Herbal Actions:
  • Clears summer heat - fever, headache, dizziness, stifling sensation in the chest.
  • Clears deficient fever - unremitting fever or night fever with no sweating (from blood deficiency or sequel of febrile disease).
  • Cools the blood, stops bleeding - purpuric rash, nosebleed due to heat in the blood.
  • Malarial disorders - alternating fever and chills.
Pu Gong Ying 蒲公英 Dandelion
Herbal Actions:
  • Clears heat and relieves fire toxicity - any heat, especially liver heat with red, swollen, painful eyes.
  • Dissipates nodules and reduces abscesses - firm, hard sores, especially for breast and intestinal abscesses.
  • Promotes lactation - due to heat.
  • Clears heat, resolves damp - damp-heat jaundice, lin syndrome.
  • Often used for treating breast cancer in TCM
Hong Hua 红花 Safflower Flower
Herb Actions:
  • Invigorates the Blood, Eliminates Blood Stasis, Regulates Menses, Nourishes Blood. For most blood stasis patterns including gynecological disorders, chest pain, and abdominal masses and pain, as well as dermatological problems. It treats amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum pain, trauma and sports injuries, skin sores, carbuncles, measles, stillbirth, and difficult labor.
  • Opens Channels for joint pain or paralysis
He Shou Wu 何首乌 Fleeceflower Root
Herb Actions:
  • Tonifies liver and kidney, nourishes blood, augments essence - yin and/or blood deficiency w/dizziness, blurred vision, prematurely grey hair, weakness in the lower back and knees, sore limbs, insomnia, nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge; neither cold, drying, nor too cloying.
  • Relieves toxic fire - carbuncles, sores, scrofula, neck lumps.
  • Moistens intestines - constipation associated with blood deficiency.
  • Expels wind from skin by nourishing the blood.
  • Chronic malaria w/qi and blood deficiency.
Ge Gen 葛根Pueraria, Kudzu Root
Herb Actions:
  • Releases the Muscles and Disperses Wind-Heat: For external pathogens lodged in the muscles causing tightness and stiffness in upper back and neck, fever, and headache.
  • Generates Fluids and Stops Thirst: Used when stomach heat causes thirst, especially due to Wind-Heat invasion.
  • Promotes the Expression of Measles
  • Stops Diarrhea and Dysentery
  • Reduces Symptoms of Hypertension
San Qi/ Tian Qi  三七/ 田七Pseudoginseng Root
Herb Actions:
  • Stops bleeding, transforms blood stasis - internal and external bleeding such as vomiting blood, nosebleed, blood in the urine or stool.
  • Can stop bleeding without causing blood stasis.
  • Traumatic injuries - alleviate pain; reduce swelling from falls, fracture, sprains.
  • Invigorates the blood - chest and abdominal pain, joint pain from blood stasis.
Bai Shao 白芍 White Peony Root
Herb Actions:
  • Nourishes Blood and Preserves Yin
  • Nourishes Blood and Regulate the Menses
  • Nourishes the Ying Level, Preserves the Yin, and Adjusts the Wei
  • Calms Liver Yang and Subdues Liver Wind
  • Softens and Comforts the Liver and Alleviates Pain

Chen Pi 陈皮Orange Peel
Herb Actions:
  • Regulates Qi and Harmonizes the Middle Jiao (SP/ST)
  • Dries Dampness and Dissolves Phlegm
  • Dissolves Phlegm and Stops Cough
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